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We have just completed the baby massage course, it’s such a wonderful experience!!

Tracy is so knowledgeable and as soon as I met her I felt like I’d known her all my life, she’s so lovely. The peer support of the group watts app and meeting other new mums has been so helpful. I highly recommend this course.

Thank you Tracy xx

Tracey is one of the loveliest people I've ever met! We look forward to going to Messy Sensory Play on Thursdays every week she's great with all the babies and toddlers!

Thank you for going above and beyond for all the parents and children, and for putting so much time and effort in what you do!

Babies have different behavioural states and it's so important to distinct them to be able to understand better baby's cues

*Quiet sleep: baby lies still, with no face or eye movements, however we might notice sucking movements or abdominal breathing.

*Active sleep: you may see body and face movements, sucking or smiling. Baby can wake up more in this state and react to stimuli (may be a delayed reaction).

*Drowsy: mild startles and smooth body movements. May have the eyes open but wait to interact until you know if baby is still wanting to sleep or wake up (if wake up, be gentle and give baby something to see, hear or feel in a calm way).

*Quiet alert: baby is receptive, relaxed and breathing is even. Eyes are wide open and bright, and baby is willing to interact and connect. This is the best time for a massage!

*Active alert: baby shows bursts of activity, moving and wiggling. Baby may need a change of pace as he/she is more sensitive to noise and might become over stimulated. Slow down or stop if necessary.

*Crying: baby is telling you there's something that's not ok. He/she may need a rest, a nappy change, a cuddle... follow your baby's cues, soothe baby


I ADORE my job, and feel privileged to get to spend the early days of these tiny humans lives

I have space free for the Summer Baby Massage classes starting Tuesday 8th August

Get in touch if you would like to join us!

Just completed the baby massage course with Tracey. It has been great! Really relaxed environment and a lovely course to do with baby. Would definitely recommend. Tracey is really welcoming and lovely

Me and my little girl attended Tracey’s baby massage course over the summer. We loved the classes every week, Tracey is very calm and welcoming. It was also a great way to share helpful advice from other mum’s in the class.

We can’t wait to attend some more classes hosted by Tracey. Thank you xx

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